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    Black Robot photo 2010
    LtoR: Andy Andersson, Staffan Österlind, Huck Johns, Possum Hill & Jonathan 'JB' Brightman

Black Robot Biography

This modern Hard-Rock band is the brainchild of founding Buckcherry bassist, Jonathan 'JB' Brightman and Detroit-bred frontman, Huck Johns. The pair founded Black Robot in Beverly Hills, California USA before bringing Buckcherry alumni Devon Glenn and Yogi Lonich along for the ride.

They then started to record what would become the band's eponymous debut effort. This album was originally released independently in 2009, but was reissued in April of the next year with two bonus tracks featuring a different line-up: Johns on vocals, Andy Andersson and Staffan Österlind on guitars, JB on bass and Possum Hill on drums. It includes the single "Cocaine", a wickedly arranged cover of J.J. Cale's narcotic classic.


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Black Robot (2010)

Black Robot self-titled album
1. Baddass
2. Cocaine
3. Momma Don't Cry
4. Girls Kissing Girls
5. Money
6. I'm In Love
7. In My Car
8. Black Robot
9. Love On A .45
10. Dissatisfaction
11. 23 Days Of Night
12. Stop The World
13. Nervous Breakdown
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