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The Ghosts That Haunt Me (1991)

The Ghosts That Haunt Me
1. Winter Song
2. Comin' Back Soon (The Bereft Man's Song)
3. Superman's Song
4. The Country Life
5. Here On Earth (I'll Have My Cake)
6. The Ghosts That Haunt Me
7. Thick-Necked Man
8. Androgynous
9. The Voyage
10. At My Funeral

God Shuffled His Feet (1993)

God Shuffled His Feet
1. God Shuffled His Feet
2. Afternoons And Coffeespoons
3. Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
4. In The Days Of The Caveman
5. Swimming In Your Ocean
6. Here I Stand Before Me
7. I Think I'll Disappear Now
8. How Does A Duck Know?
9. When I Go Out With Artists
10. The Psychic
11. Two Knights And Maidens
12. untitled

A Worm's Life (1996)

A Worm's Life
1. Overachievers
2. He Liked To Feel It
3. A Worm's Life
4. Our Driver Gestures
5. My Enemies
6. There Are Many Dangers
7. I'm Outlived By That Thing?
8. All Of This Ugly
9. An Old Scab
10. My Own Sunrise
11. I'm A Dog
12. Swatting Flies

Give Yourself A Hand (1999)

Give Yourself A Hand
1. Keep A Lid On Things
2. A Cigarette Is All You Get
3. Just Chillin'
4. I Want To Par-Tay!
5. Give Yourself A Hand
6. Get You In The Morning
7. Pissed With Me
8. Just Shoot Me, Baby
9. A Little Something
10. I Love Your Goo
11. Aching To Sneeze
12. Playing Dead

I Don't Care That You Don't Mind (2001)

I Don't Care That You Don't Mind
1. I Don't Care That You Don't Mind
2. On And On
3. The Day We Never Met
4. Let It Feel Like Something Else
5. Little Secret
6. Sittin' On A Tree Stump
7. Buzzin' Flies
8. Yer Devil Ways
9. Hangin' Tree
10. Every Morning
11. Never Comin' Back
12. Put Me In A Corner Of Your Mind
13. Shoot 'Em Up, Shoot 'Em Down
14. I Never Fall Asleep At Night

Puss 'N' Boots (2003)

Puss 'N' Boots
1. It's A Shame
2. Everything Is Better With Me
3. Triple Master Blaster
4. I'm The Man (That You Are Not)
5. Stupid Same
6. I'll See What I Can Do
7. Your Gun Won't Fire
8. Flying Feeling
9. If Ya Wanna Know
10. Bye Bye Baby, Goodbye
11. I Never Try That Hard
12. Never Bother Looking Back
13. It'll Never Leave You Alone

Songs Of The Unforgiven (2004)

Songs Of The Unforgiven
1. prelude
2. Sonnet 1 (And When The Sun Goes Down)
3. And So Will Always Be
4. The Unforgiven Ones
5. interlude 1
6. Come Down To The Sinkhole
7. Is The Spell Really Broken?
8. Everlasting Peace
9. Sonnet 2 (And Back In Ages Past)
10. The Beginning Of The End
11. interlude 2
12. You've Had Your Run
13. There Is No Final Winner
14. You've Done It Once Again
15. Sonnet 3 (The Cold Is Here)
16. The Wicked And The Evil
17. postlude

Oooh La La! (2010)

Oooh La La!
1. Songbird
2. You Said You'd Meet Me (In California)
3. And It's Beautiful
4. Paralyzed
5. The In-Between Place
6. Not Today Baby
7. Heart Of Stone
8. Lake Bras D'or
9. What I'm Famous For
10. Now You See Her
11. Put A Face
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