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Denver Harbor was an Alternative-Rock band from San Diego, California USA, consisted of singer + guitarist Will Salazar, guitarist Chris Lewis, bassist Aaron Rubin and drummer Ilan Rubin. The quartet played shows throughout the Southwest and eventually shared the stage with the likes of Sugarcult.

The group released their debut album, "Scenic", in October 2004, it included the minor hit single "Picture Perfect Wannabe".

Two years later, when Ilan Rubin joined Lostprophets, Denver Harbor practically dried up.


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Scenic (2004)

1. Xenophobia
2. Picture Perfect Wannabe
3. Outta My Head
4. Satisfied
5. All I Want
6. The Ride
7. Move On
8. Way Back Home
9. Twenty Six
10. Twenty Seven
11. My Holiday (Save Me)
12. Let You Go
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