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Pocket Full Of Kryptonite (1991)

Pocket Full Of Kryptonite
1. Jimmy Olsen's Blues
2. What Time Is It?
3. Little Miss Can't Be Wrong
4. Forty Or Fifty
5. Refrigerator Car
6. More Than She Knows
7. Two Princes
8. Off My Line
9. How Could You Want Him (When You Know You Could Have Me?)
10. Shinbone Alley / Hard To Exist

Philadelphia [soundtrack] (1994)

Philadelphia - soundtrack

- Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

Turn It Upside Down (1994)

Turn It Upside Down
1. Big Fat Funky Booty
2. You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast
3. Cleopatra's Cat
4. Hungry Hamed's
5. Biscuit Head
6. Indifference
7. Bags Of Dirt
8. Mary Jane
9. More Than Meets The Ear
10. Laraby's Gang
11. At This Hour
12. Someday All This Will Be Road
13. Beasts In The Woods

You've Got To Believe In Something (1996)

You've Got To Believe In Something
1. You've Got To Believe In Something
2. House
3. Dogs On A Doe
4. I Can't Believe You're Still With Her
5. She Used To Be Mine
6. She's Not You
7. To Make Me Blue
8. 'Bout A Train
9. Where Angels Fear To Tread
10. If Wishes Were Horses
11. Sister Sisyphus
12. That's The Way (I Like It)

Here Comes The Bride (1999)

Here Comes The Bride
1. Here Comes The Bride
2. Vampires In The Sun
3. Waiting For The Blow
4. The Man
5. Gone Mad
6. Wow
7. Siren Dress
8. Gorilla Boy
9. Key To The Kingdom
10. Fisherman's Delight
11. The Bigger I Laugh, The Harder I Cry
12. Dodging Assassins
13. Diamond
14. Tomorrow Can Pay The Rent

Nice Talking To Me (2005)

Nice Talking To Me
1. Nice Talking To Me
2. Sugar
3. Margarita
4. Happily Ever After
5. I'd Like To Love You (But I Think You Might Be Crazy)
6. Can't Kick The Habit
7. My Problem Now
8. Genuine
9. Tonight You Could Steal Me Away
10. Safety Pin
11. Can't Kick The Habit [radio edit]
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