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Vivarium (2009)

1. Lightspeed
2. Old Grey Face (And The Way Ofthe Magenta)
3. You're Turning Into John Wayne
4. Caribbean War Syndrome
5. What Is Light? Where Is Laughter?
6. Human After All
7. Audience And Audio
8. Better Weather

Free (2011)

1. Edit Me
2. Time For You To Stand Up
3. Apocalyptic Renegade
4. Yes, I Was Drunk
5. Dreamember
6. Free
7. Crash Land
8. Make A Beast Of Myself
9. The Ghost Of Eddie
10. Serious Underground Dance Vibes
11. Eight Days
12. Wonder Sleeps Here
13. We Want Better, Man.

Great Divide (2014)

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Great Divide
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1. The Ones That I Love [intro]
2. Heart And Soul
3. Hold On
4. Fall Into The Party
5. Brothers And Sisters
6. Oceans
7. I Am An Animal
8. Be A Kid
9. Cell Mate
10. Rest In Pieces
11. Actions That Echo
12. Why Won't We Change?
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