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The Waterboys (1983)

The Waterboys self-titled album
1. December
2. A Girl Called Johnny
3. The Three Day Man
4. Gala
5. I Will Not Follow
6. It Should Have Been You
7. The Girl In The Swing
8. Savage Earth Heart

A Pagan Place (1984)

A Pagan Place
1. Church Not Made With Hands
2. All The Things She Gave Me
3. The Thrill Is Gone
4. Rags
5. Somebody Might Wave Back
6. The Big Music
7. Red Army Blues A Pagan Place

This Is The Sea (1985)

This Is The Sea
1. Don't Bang The Drum
2. The Whole Of The Moon
3. Spirit
4. The Pan Within
5. Medicine Bow
6. Old England
7. Be My Enemy
8. Trumpets
9. This Is The Sea

Fisherman's Blues (1988)

Fisherman's Blues
1. Fisherman's Blues
2. We Will Not Be Lovers
3. Strange Boat
4. World Party
5. Sweet Thing
6. Jimmy Hickey's Waltz
7. And A Bang On The Ear
8. Has Anybody Here Seen Hank?
9. When Will We Be Married?
10. When Ye Go Away
11. Dunford's Fancy
12. The Stolen Child
13. This Land Is Your Land [hidden track]

Room To Roam (1990)

Room To Roam
1. In Search Of A Rose
2. Song From The End Of The World
3. A Man Is In Love
4. Kaliope House
5. Bigger Picture
6. Natural Bridge Blues
7. Something That Is Gone
8. The Star And The Sea
9. A Life Of Sundays
10. Islandman
11. The Raggle Taggle Gipsies
12. How Long Will I Love You?
13. Upon The Wind And Waves
14. Spring Comes To Spiddal
15. The Trip To Broadford
16. Further Up, Further In
17. Room To Roam

Dream Harder (1993)

Dream Harder
1. The New Life
2. Glastonbury Song
3. Preparing To Fly
4. The Return Of Pan
5. Corn Circles
6. Suffer
7. Winter Winter
8. Love And Death
9. Spiritual City
10. Wonders Of Lewis
11. The Return Of Jimi Hendrix
12. Good News

A Rock In The Weary Land (2000)

A Rock In The Weary Land
1. Let It Happen
2. My Love Is My Rock In The Weary Land
3. It's All Gone
4. Is She Conscious?
5. We Are Jonah
6. Malediction
7. Dumbing Down The World
8. His Word Is Not His Bond
9. Night Falls On London
10. The Charlatan's Lament
11. The Wind In The Wires
12. Crown

Too Close To Heaven (2002)

Too Close To Heaven
1. On My Way To Heaven
2. Higher In Time
3. The Ladder
4. Too Close To Heaven
5. Good Man Gone
6. Blues For Your Baby
7. Custer's Blues
8. A Home In The Meadow
9. Tenderfootin'
10. Lonesome Old Wind

Universal Hall (2003)

Universal Hall
1. This Light Is For The World
2. The Christ In You
3. Silent Fellowship
4. Every Breath Is Yours
5. Peace Of Iona
6. Ain't No Words For The Things I'm Feeling
7. Seek The Light
8. I've Lived Here Before
9. Always Dancing, Never Getting Tired
10. The Dance At The Crossroads
11. EBOL
12. Universal Hall

Book Of Lightning (2007)

Book Of Lightning
1. The Crash Of Angel Wings
2. Love Will Shoot You Down
3. Nobody's Baby Anymore
4. Strange Arrangement
5. She Tried To Hold Me
6. It's Gonna Rain
7. Sustain
8. You In The Sky
9. Everybody Takes A Tumble
10. The Man With The Wind At His Heels

An Appointment With Mr Yeats (2011)

An Appointment With Mr Yeats
1. The Hosting Of The Shee
2. Song Of Wandering Aengus
3. News For The Delphic Oracle
4. A Full Moon In March
5. Sweet Dancer
6. White Birds
7. The Lake Isle Of Innisfree
8. Mad As The Mist And Snow
9. Before The World Was Made
10. September 1913
11. An Irish Airman Foresees His Death
12. Politics
13. Let The Earth Bear Witness
14. The Faery's Last Song
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