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Modernity Killed Every Night (2008)

Modernity Killed Every Night
1. Needle In The Camel's Eye
2. Jackie Says
3. Cecilie
4. While London Sleeps
5. Love Is A Dog
6. Up All Nighter
7. Better Days
8. Wak This Bass
9. Buzz Me Kate
10. If You Talk Like That
11. Je T'Aime Madame

Married To The Eiffel Tower (2011)

Married To The Eiffel Tower
1. Cat Green Eyes
2. Mr. Sunday
3. Jackie, Is It My Birthday?
4. I'm Not A Young Man Anymore
5. Wam Bam JFK
6. July 20
7. Damn It Can't You Just Be Straight
8. The Cowboy's Dream
9. Coca Cola Kid
10. Blushing God
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