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A Guide To Love, Loss & Desperation (2007)

A Guide To Love, Loss & Desperation
1. Tales Of Girls, Boys And Marsupials
2. Kill The Director
3. Moving To New York
4. Lost In The Post
5. Party In A Forest (Where's Laura?)
6. School Uniforms
7. Here Comes The Anxiety
8. Let's Dance To Joy Division
9. Backfire At The Disco
10. Little Miss Pipedream
11. Dr. Suzanne Mattox PHD
12. Patricia The Stripper
13. My First Wedding

This Modern Glitch (2011)

This Modern Glitch
1. Our Perfect Disease
2. Tokyo (Vampires And Wolves)
3. Jump Into The Fog
4. Anti-D
5. Last Night I Dreamt...
6. Techno Fan
7. 1996
8. Walking Disasters
9. Girls / Fast Cars
10. Schumacher The Champagne

as-yet-untitled (2014)

no cover
INCLUDES: Your Body Is A Weapon
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