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2Cents band

2Cents photo 2009

2Cents Biography

2Cents is a fiery Punk Alternative-Metal four-piece from Los Angeles, California USA. Initially composed of lead singer + drummer Adam O'Rourke, his brother, Dave on guitar + vocals, Dean Woodward on guitar and Jesse Fishman on bass the band began in 2005; since that summer 2Cents has traced nearly every major highway in North America introducing their high energy live act and passion filled intense music to crowd after crowd of unsuspecting first time fans.

In August 2006 they released their debut album "Lost At Sea" for Atlantic which unfortunately did not receive much commercial attention.

Armed with an arsenal of new songs and some new faces including guitarist Adair Cobley and bass player Jason Wendell, 2Cents resurfaced in December 2009 with their second album, "Dress To Kill"; the 13-track digital set includes the Active Rock top 40 hit "Get What?".


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2Cents pictures:

  • 2Cents band lineup 2006 2Cents band lineup 2006
    The band line-up 2006

Lost At Sea (2006)

Lost At Sea
1. The Wedding Dress
2. Fucked In The Afterlife
3. Victims Of Pop Culture
4. Symptoms For Side Effects
5. A Song For Darrell Abbott
6. Crowd Control
7. Steak Dinner
8. Wired
9. Get The Door
10. My Two Wives
11. The Mark Of My Pen
12. Lost At Sea

Dress To Kill (2009)

Dress To Kill
1. Dressed To Kill
2. Love Like A Riot
3. Come And Get It
4. Deeply, Madly
5. Wicked By Design
6. Now You Know
7. The Distance Traveled
8. Get What?
9. Shes Gone
10. Choose Your Illusions
11. Tear Down Your Reasons
12. Death Vegas
13. The Hollow
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