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3rd Strike

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3rd Strike band

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3rd Strike Biography

Alternative-Metal quintet growing up in the streets of urban Los Angeles, California USA, Jim Korthe, the lead singer, formed the band with guitarist Todd Deguchi, bassist Gabe Hammersmith and drummer PJ McMullan.

By the end of 2001, with second guitarist Erik Carlsson, they recorded the debut self-titled 4-track EP. The next year saw the release of their debut full-length album "Lost Angel" which cracked the Billboard Magazine's Top 200 chart, thaks to "No Light", the first single reached the #23 on Mainstream Rock chart followed by another Active Rock top 40 hit, "Redemption".


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Lost Angel (2002)

Lost Angel
1. Flow Heat
2. Walked Away
3. Redemption
4. All Lies
5. No Light
6. Cities On Fire
7. Breathe It Out
8. Strung Out
9. Lisa
10. Paranoid
11. Hang On
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