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A English band

A band photo 2005

A Biography

This London-based Alternative-Rock act had its roots in Wrentham, Suffolk ENGLAND, where, in the early '90s, identical twins Jason and Adam Perry along with brother Giles decided to form a band; initially called Grand Design, they changed their name to A, simply to be the first entry in any printed music book; in 1996 the band were signed to London Records, at that time, A comprised Jason Perry on vocals, Mark Chapman on guitar, Giles Perry on keyboards, Daniel P. Carter on bass and Adam Perry on drums.

A year later they released their debut album, "How Ace Are Buildings".
In September 2000 the band issued the second full-length disc titled "A Vs. Monkey Kong".
With their third album, "Hi-Fi Serious", A finally broke into the mainstream, the record rose to #18 on the Official U.K. Albums chart spawning the #9 single "Nothing" and the top 20 hit "Starbucks"; the album's success opened doors for the group, not only did they land ever larger gigs across Europe, America and Japan, they also peppered the world's festival stages, returning to their native England with a quarter of a million records sold worldwide.

In July 2005 the quintet released their fourth album, "Teen Dance Ordinance", the set includes the single "Better Off With Him".


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A pictures:

  • A band from Suffolk 2002 A band from Suffolk 2002
    Group shot 2002 left to right: Mark Chapman, Adam Perry, Jason Perry, Giles Perry and Daniel P. Carter

How Ace Are Buildings (1997)

How Ace Are Buildings
1. Turn It Up
2. Foghorn
3. Cheeky Monkey
4. No1
5. Bad Idea
6. Sing-A-Long
7. Winter Of '96
8. Out Of Tune
9. Fistral
10. House Under The Ground
11. Five In The Morning
12. Ender

A Vs. Monkey Kong (2000)

A Vs. Monkey Kong
1. For Starters
2. Monkey Kong
4. Old Folks
5. Hopper Jonnus Fang
6. Summer On The Underground
7. Warning
8. If It Ain't Broke, Fit It Anyway
9. Here We Go Again (I Love Lake Tahoe)
10. Don't Be Punks
11. Down On The Floor
12. Jason's Addiction
13. Miles Away
14. Getting Around

Hi-Fi Serious (2002)

Hi-Fi Serious
1. Something's Going On
2. 6 O'clock On A Tube Stop
3. Going Down
4. Took It Away
5. Starbucks
6. The Springs
7. Shut Yer Face
8. Pacific Ocean Blue
9. The Distance
10. W.D.Y.C.A.I.
11. Hi-Fi Serious

Teen Dance Ordinance (2005)

Teen Dance Ordinance
1. Rush Song
2. Better Off With Him
3. The Art Of Making Sense
4. Someone Else
5. Die Tonight
6. 2nd Coming
7. Wake Up
8. Black Hole
9. Hey
10. Worst Thing That Can Happen
11. Afterburner
12. Wisdom
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