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AM Conspiracy

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AM Conspiracy band

AM Conspiracy photo 2009
LtoR: Drew Burke, Dean Andrews, Jason 'Gong' Jones, Kenny Harrelson & Rob DeHaven

AM Conspiracy Biography

The Alternative-Metal group, dubbed AM Conspiracy is based out of Orlando, Florida USA and is a personal creation of singer Jason 'Gong' Jones. He put together the band after his departure from Drowning Pool, in mid-2005, with guitarists Brian Diemar and Clint Campbell, bassist Kenny Harrelson and drummer Dean Andrews.

AM Conspiracy signed with Corporate Punishment Records but were dropped after "Far", their first single, started to drift away from the Active Rock stations.
In September 2007 the band eventually self-released a 4-song EP called "Out Of The Shallow End".

Two years later Burnhill Union Records, a newly launched indie label from Chicago announced the signing of AM Conspiracy. The band now comprised of 'Gong' Jones, Harrelson and Andrews along with new guitarists Drew Burke and Rob DeHaven, released their long-delayed eponymous first album in January 2010, the 13-song set includes the Metal radio single "Pictures".


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AM Conspiracy pictures:

  • AM Conspiracy band 2007 AM Conspiracy band 2007
    Group shot 2007

Out Of The Shallow End [EP] (2007)

Out Of The Shallow End - EP
1. Absence
2. Far
3. Right On Time
4. Down

AM Conspiracy (2010)

AM Conspiracy self-titled album
1. Revolution
2. Welt
3. Pictures
4. Myself
5. Away
6. Down
7. Right On Time
8. Far
9. Absence
10. Dead And Gone
11. Believe
12. The Gathering
13. Learn To Learn
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