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A Silent Film

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A Silent Film photo 2010

A Silent Film Biography

A Silent Film are a soulful Pop-Rock act from Oxford, ENGLAND, who formed in 2005, comprising of Robert Stevenson on vocals + piano, Lewis Jones on guitar, Ali Hussain on bass and Spencer Walker on drums.

The group first came to prominence when they put out their debut record, an EP titled "The Projectionist", in 2007.
In October 2008 they released the full-length album "The City That Sleeps" on Xtra Mile Recordings.
After a slight change in the line-up, Karl Bareham replaced Jones on guitar, their debut album was released Stateside with different cover-art and a different track list, in April 2010 via Bieler Bros. Records. The first single, "You Will Leave A Mark", eventually hit the top 50 of the Alternative-Rock airplay chart.
Throughout the year, the quartet, relentlessly toured North America with artists such as The Temper Trap, Civil Twilight and The Smashing Pumpkins.

In June 2012 A Silent Film released its sophomore album "Sand & Snow", it included the single "Danny, Dakota And The Wishing Well".


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The City That Sleeps [UK-release] (2008)

The City That Sleeps UK-release
1. Sleeping Pills
2. Julie June
3. Thirteen Times The Strength
4. One Wrong Door
5. Lamplight
6. Gerontion
7. Feather White
8. You Will Leave A Mark
9. Highest Regard
10. Ghosts In The Water
11. Aurora

The City That Sleeps [US-release] (2010)

The City That Sleeps US-release
1. Driven By Their Beating Hearts
2. Sleeping Pills
3. You Will Leave A Mark
4. Thirteen Times The Strength
5. Julie June
6. One Wrong Door
7. Firefly At My Window
8. Lamplight
9. Feather White
10. Aurora

Sand & Snow (2012)

Sand & Snow
1. Reaching The Potential
2. This State Is Your Life
3. Danny, Dakota And The Wishing Well
4. Anastasia
5. Cuckoo Song
6. Let Them Feel Your Heartbeat
7. Harbour Lights
8. Rustle Of The Stars
9. Queen Of A Sad Land
10. Love Takes A Wrecking Ball
11. Thousand Mile Race
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