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Aaron Lewis

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Aaron Lewis

Aaron Lewis photo 2010

Aaron Lewis Biography

Singer + guitarist Aaron Lewis was born on April 13, 1972 in Rutland, Vermont USA, but he grew up in Massachusetts where in the mid-'90s he formed the multi-platinum selling Alternative-Metal group Staind.

In 2001 Lewis had a big smash with "Outside", a song originally performed live during the 1999 Family Values Tour in Mississippi, with him on vocals + guitar and Limp Bizkit's frontman Fred Durst, providing backing vocals; the single rose to #1 on The Mainstream Rock chart and peaked at #2 on The Modern Rock Tracks. A studio version of "Outside" was later included on Staind's third studio album, "Break The Cycle".

Aaron Lewis issued his debut solo EP, "Town Line", for Nashville-based Stroudavarious Records in March 2011; the set peaked at #7 on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart and contained the autobiographical Mainstream Rock top 40 hit single "Country Boy"; for this song and video, Lewis recruited Country legends Charlie Daniels and George Jones as well as genre stalwart Chris Young.

Lewis had originally planned to record five new songs to be paired with the songs from "Town Line", but decided to record a full album as more song ideas blossomed while recording in Nashville. The disc entitled, "The Road", was released in November 2012 and hit #30 on The Billboard 200, it features 10 tracks including the uptempo feel-good first single "Endless Summer".


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Aaron Lewis pictures:

  • Aaron Lewis live Aaron Lewis live
    A. Lewis live 2006

The Family Values Tour 1999 [live] (2000)

The Family Values Tour 1999 - live

- Outside [live]

Town Line [EP] (2011)

Town Line - EP
1. The Story Never Ends
2. Vicious Circles
3. Country Boy
4. Tangled Up In You
5. Massachusetts
6. Country Boy [radio edit]
7. Country Boy [acoustic version]

The Road (2012)

The Road
1. 75
2. The Road
3. Endless Summer
4. Red, White And Blue
5. Lessons Learned
6. Forever
7. Granddaddy's Gun
8. State Lines
9. Anywhere But Here
10. Party In Hell
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