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Abandoned Pools

Abandoned Pools bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

Abandoned Pools Tommy Walter

Abandoned Pools frontman Tommy Walter 2012

Abandoned Pools Biography

The Alternative-Rock act Abandoned Pools is the brainchild of singer + songwriter Tommy Walter; early interested in music he started playing the bass at an early age and by his teenage years Walter studied French horn at South Cal University and then University Of Pacific in Stockton, California USA. In the mid-'90s he joined Mark Oliver Everett's Eels along with drummer Butch Norton, the trio scored a big Modern Rock radio hit with the infectious "Novocaine For The Soul".

Walter left the band, after the release of the Eels's debut album, to work on his solo project. "Humanistic" was the first album credited to Abandoned Pools, it was released in September of 2001 and reached the top 20 of the Billboard Magazine's Heatseekers chart, the record went on to sell almost 100,000 copies thanks to the Modern Rock top 30 hit, "The Remedy" and tours with the likes of Remy Zero, Garbage, Lenny Kravitz, Billy Corgan and A Perfect Circle.

After four years' absence, Walter re-emerged in mid-2005 with the 5-song EP "The Reverb" which contained the single "Armed To The Teeth", that later became the title-track for the second full-length disc.

"Sublime Currency", the long-awaited third album from Abandoned Pools, arrived in August 2012 on Tooth & Nail Records.


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Abandoned Pools pictures:

  • Abandoned Pools Abandoned Pools
    Abandoned Pools 2005

Humanistic (2001)

1. The Remedy
2. Mercy Kiss
3. Start Over
4. Monster
5. Blood
6. Suburban Muse
7. Sunny Day
8. L.V.B.D.
9. Ruin Your Life
10. Never
11. Seed
12. Fluorescein

Armed To The Teeth (2005)

The Reverb - EP
1. Lethal Killers
2. Rabble
3. The Catalyst
4. Tighter Noose
5. Waiting To Panic
6. Hunting
7. Armed To The Teeth
8. Sooner Or Later
9. Sailing Seas
10. Renegade
11. Maybe Than Someday
12. Goodbye Song

Sublime Currency (2012)

1. Sublime Currency
2. Hype Is The Enemy
3. Unrehearsed
4. Behemoth
5. 9 Billion
6. Autopilot
7. In Silence
8. Marigolds
9. Legionnaire
10. From Long Sleep
11. In Shadows
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