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Abused Romance

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Abused Romance

Abused Romance photo 2010

Abused Romance Biography

Hailing from Los Angeles, California USA, the melodic Alternative-Rock band Abused Romance began in the mid-2000s with Meir Yaniv on vocals, + guitar, Amit Ofir on guitar, Aetam Jakob on bass and Roy Chen on drums.

Abused Romance was the first announced band to be signed to the Universal Music Group distributed label Freeway Records. The group spent much of 2010 out on the road opening for Trapt, Since October among others and in September 2011 released their debut album, "Shine", which included the single "Vaporize".


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Shine (2011)

1. Vaporize
2. Overcome
3. Hit And Run
4. Shine
5. Rise
6. Room 2238
7. Bleeding
8. Shades Of Grey
9. Amberlin
10. Fly High
11. Sound Of Violence
12. Fell In Love
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