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Acceptance photo 2004

Acceptance Biography

This Seattle, Washington USA Punk-Rock band, were formed in 1998 by vocalist+bassist Jason Vena, guitarist Chris DeCastro and drummer Peter Pizzuto as The Substitutes, later in the year guitarist Kaylan Cloyd joined the band, which was renamed Acceptance.

The quartet recorded a 6-track EP entitled "Lost For Words" which was released in 2000.
During the next few years DeCastro left the band, he was replaced by guitarist Christian McAlhaney; Pizzuto also left, Nick Radovanovic stepped in to fill his shoes and then the line-up was expanded to include bassist Ryan Zwiefelhofer.
The band worked on their first demo-disc which was repackaged, with two additional live tracks and re-issued by Militia Group label as "Black Lines To Battlefields" in May of 2003.

Two years later, in April 2005, Acceptance dropped its debut full-length album, "Phantoms", led by the single "Different".


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Lost For Words [EP] (2000)

Lost For Words - EP
1. I Believe
2. Things You Say
3. Black And White
4. December
5. Torn Inside
6. Compromise

Black Lines To Battlefields [EP] (2003)

Black Lines To Battlefields - EP
1. Permanent
2. Seeing Is Believing
3. Bleeding Heart
4. Black Lines To Battlefields
5. Hold On
6. This Is Only A Test [live]
7. Rerun [live]

Phantoms (2005)

1. Take Cover
2. So Contagious
3. In Too Far
4. Letter
5. Different
6. Ad Astra Per Aspera
7. This Conversation Is Over
8. Over You
9. Breathless
10. In The Cold
11. Permanent
12. Glory / Us
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