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Adelitas Way

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Adelitas Way Discography

Adelitas Way (2009)

Adelitas Way self-titled artwork
1. Invincible
2. Scream
3. Dirty Little Thing
4. Last Stand
5. Hate Love
6. So What If You Go
7. Closer To You
8. Just A Little Bit
9. All Falls Down
10. My Derailment
11. Brother

Home School Valedictorian (2011)

Home School Valedictorian
The Collapse
2. Sick
3. Alive
4. Criticize
5. Good Enough
6. Cage The Beast
7. I Can Tell
8. Somebody Wishes They Were You
9. Move
10. I Wanna Be
11. Hurt

as-yet-untitled album (2014)

no cover
INCLUDES: Dog On A Leash
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