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Alex Clare

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Alex Clare

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Alex Clare Biography

Born and bred in South East London, ENGLAND and raised on his dad's Jazz records, as a child Alex Clare toyed with the trumpet before taking up the drums to help him get rid of all his nervous energy. In 2010, the 25-years-old singer + songwriter cut a demo which found its way to Island Records and two weeks later a deal was on the table.

Shortly afterwards Clare was on his way to New Orleans where he recorded his first single. After New Orleans there were trips to Jamaica and Los Angeles to write more and record the songs properly. What Alex Clare came back with was an album that was in touch with his beloved Soul and Jazz as well as opening itself up to Punk-Rock and Dubstep. "The Lateness Of The Hour" was finally released in July 2011; the lead-off single, "Too Close", featured in Microsoft's compelling new Internet Explorer ad, quickly propelled him into the spotlight. The album hit the U.K. Top 20 and reached the #82 position on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 chart. On the British Singles chart, "Too Close" made it onto the top 5 and in America it spent six weeks on The Billboard Hot 100 before breaking the top 40 of The Alternative Songs chart.


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The Lateness Of The Hour (2011)

The Lateness Of The Hour
1. Up All Night
2. Treading Water
3. Relax My Beloved
4. Too Close
5. When Doves Cry
6. Humming Bird
7. Hands Are Clever
8. Tight Rope
9. Whispering
10. I Love You
11. Sanctuary
12. I Won't Let You Down
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