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Alien Ant Farm

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Alien Ant Farm

Alien Ant Farm photo 2006

Alien Ant Farm Biography

The Riverside, California USA-based Alternative-Rock band Alien Ant Farm formed in 1996 with the line-up of frontman singer+songwriter Dryden Mitchell, guitarist Terry Corso, bassist Tye Zamora and drummer Mike Cosgrove.

Together, the quartet crafted unique Metal stylings throughout the late '90s; "Greatest Hits", which was issued independently in 1999, marked Alien Ant Farm's first full-length album.
Two years later, in March 2001, after being signed by Papa Roach's DreamWorks imprint New Noize, the band released "ANThology"; the first single off the CD, "Movies", broke into the top 20 of The Modern Rock chart and the worldwide smash, the cover of Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal", followed peaking at #1 on The Modern Rock airplay chart; "Smooth Criminal" also hit #1 in Australia, #3 on the U.K. Official Top 40 chart and reached #23 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 sending the album to #11 on The Billboard 200 chart.
May 22, 2002, became a dark day in the history of the band when on their way from Spain to Portugal, their tourbus collided with a truck, the driver of the bus was killed, other members of the band and crew were seriously injured.
Alien Ant Farm regrouped a year later for their third effort, "truANT", the band hit the road again to promote their new album, which didn't rise higher than #42 on The Billboard Top 200 chart and its main single, "These Days", barely sneaked into the top 30 of The Modern Rock chart; in October 2003 guitarist Terry Corso left the band he helped create over “irreconcilable differences” and subsequently joined Powerman 5000; Corso was replaced by Vincent Camacho temporarily for a few shows, then guitarist Joe Hill joined the band early in 2004.

Alien Ant Farm's fourth studio record, "Up In The Attic", arrived in July 2006; the album sold poorly and spun off only one minor hit single "Forgive And Forget".


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Alien Ant Farm pictures:

  • Alien Ant Farm band 2001 Alien Ant Farm band 2001
    The band line-up 2001

Greatest Hits (1999)

Greatest Hits
1. These Days
2. Pink Tea
3. Movies
4. Dole Roll
5. Denigrate
6. Solution Time
7. S.S. Recognize
8. Nova Hands
9. Universe
10. Slick Thief

ANThology (2001)

1. Courage
2. Movies
3. Flesh And Bone
4. Whisper
5. Summer
6. Sticks And Stones
7. Attitude
8. Stranded
9. Wish
10. Calico
11. Happy Death Day
12. Smooth Criminal
13. Universe

truANT (2003)

1. 1000 Days
2. Drifting Apart
3. Quiet
4. Glow
5. These Days
6. Sarah Wynn
7. Never Meant
8. Goodbye
9. Tia Lupé
10. Rubber Mallet
11. S.S. Recognize
12. Hope

Up In The Attic (2006)

Up In The Attic
1. Bad Morning
2. Forgive And Forget
3. What I Feel Is Mine
4. It Could Happen
5. Around The Block
6. San Sebastian
7. Lord Knows
8. Getting Closer
9. Crickets
10. Supreme Lifestyle
11. Consti2tion
12. State Of Emergency
13. Sleepwalker
14. She's Only Evil
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