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Alkaline Trio

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Alkaline Trio

Alkaline Trio photo 2007

Alkaline Trio Biography

This Alternative-Rock Punk-Pop Chicago, Illinois USA, three-piece outfit first formed in 1996 by singer + guitarist Matt Skiba, bassist Rob Doran and drummer Glenn Porter; they began scaring up gigs in local clubs whenever they could and also recorded some demo-tapes.

The next year, after releasing their debut EP "For Your Lungs", Daniel Andriano replaced Doran.
Alkaline Trio's debut full-length "Goddamnit" was issued in October 1998 on the small indie label Asian Man Records.
Released in March of 2000, "Maybe I'll Catch Fire", followed in the footsteps of its predecessor; just a month later the band put out a self-titled CD which collected out-of-print 7-inch singles plus four one-off compilation appearances.
Porter had left the band in early 2000, his replacement was drummer Mike Felumlee who joined in time for their third album of all-new-material, "From Here To Infirmary"; the disc arrived in record stores in the spring of 2001 on the giant indie label Vagrant, it eventually broke into the top 10 of The Billboard Independent Albums chart.
Shortly afterwards Felumlee departed to be replaced by Derek Grant; a year later the prolific Chicago threesome released a split-CD.

But their big break came in May 2003 with the release of "Good Mourning", this CD became the band's most commercially successful album to date, reaching #20 on The Billboard Top 200 chart, it included the Modern Rock top 40 hit "We've Had Enough".

Alkaline Trio spent all of December 2004 and January 2005 locked in the studio to record their next album, "Crimson", which was issued later that year; the first single, "Time To Waste", quickly ascended into the top 40 of The Modern Rock chart while the album hit #25 on The Billboard 200.

"Agony & Irony", their first offering for Epic and seventh full-length disc overall, was released in July 2008; the set features the lead single "Help Me" which rocketed to #14 on The Hot Modern Rock Tracks.


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