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Allele band

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Allele Biography

This Alternative-Metal band from Jacksonville, Florida USA, was formed in 2002 and featured vocalist Wally Wood and guitarist Lane Maverick; the pair soon started performing live and over the next few years bolstered the band's line-up with a rhythm section made up of bassist Ryan St. John and drummer Keith O.G. making an impression wherever they played, sharing the stage with the likes of Saliva, Yellowcard, Nonpoint, Staind, Sevendust, Earshot, Trapt, Shinedown, Socialburn and 12 Stones, along the way building a devoted family of rabid followers.

Shortly before the band was signed to Corporate Punishment Records, Allele, pronounced Uh-Leel, added ex-Cold guitarist Kelly Hayes and went to work on their debut album, "Point Of Origin", with new drummer Giancarlo Autenzio and bassist Tim Tobin in tow. The set hit stores in late October 2005 with the first single, "Closer To Habit", promises to be a smash Active-Rock radio hit.


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Point Of Origin (2005)

Point Of Origin
1. Fake
2. A Different Someone
3. Closer To Habit
4. Stitches
5. Lost In Your Words
6. Tightrope
7. Immune
8. Lies
9. Misunderstood
10. Unknown
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