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The Almost

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The Almost band

The Almost photo 2013
[L>R] Dusty Redmon, Joe Musten, Jon Thompson, Aaron Gillespie and Jay Vilardi

The Almost Biography

The Almost is an Alternative-Rock project featuring former UnderOATH drummer Aaron Gillespie, formed in Salt Lake City, Utah USA, along with notables Jeremy Enigk of Sunny Day Real Estate and Kenny Vasoli of The Starting Line.

The debut full-length disc from The Almost, "Southern Weather", was recorded in early 2006 and released in April 2007 on Tooth & Nail. Gillespie played every instrument on the album, except bass on a couple of songs.
In advance of an early 2007 tour to test The Almost record on the road with his band, built from a line-up of Jay Vilardi on guitar, Alex Aponte on bass, Kenny Bozich on drums and himself, Gillespie was worried about how he'd be received, despite the fact most of the gigs were sell-outs and they all went off with out a hitch.
"Southern Weather" eventually hit #1 on the U.S. Top Christian Albums chart and climbed into the top 40 of The Billboard 200 on the strength of the Hot Modern Rock top 10 hit "Say This Sooner". They continued to tour steadily through the rest of the year bringing in guitarist Nick D'Amico, who subsequently left the band and has been replaced by Dusty Redmon.

Shortly after the announcement of The Almost's next record, Bozich, quit the band to get married.
With the addition of drummer Joe Musten, Gillespie played all the drums on the band's second full-length disc, The Almost was ready to hit the road again promoting the sophomore record, "Monster Monster", which arrived in November 2009 going to #3 on the Top Christian Albums chart. The lead single, "Hands", debuted at #32 on The Hot Christian Songs list.

June 2013 saw the release of the alt-Rock quintet's come-back album, "Fear Inside Our Bones", the first to feature new bass player Jon Thompson who replaced Aponte. The disc includes the single "I'm Down".


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The Almost pictures:

  •  Aaron Gillespie of The Almost
    Aaron Gillespie
  • The Almost band 2007 The Almost band 2007
    The Almost 2007
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    The Almost band 2009

Southern Weather (2007)

Southern Weather
1. Say This Sooner
2. Drive There Now!
3. Dirty And Left Out
4. I Mostly Copy Other People
5. Southern Weather
6. Stop It!
7. Amazing, Because It Is
8. Everyone Here Smells Like A Rat
9. Never Say "I Told You So"
10. Call Back When I'm Honest
11. Everything That Makes Me Sick

Monster Monster (2009)

Monster Monster
1. Monster Monster
2. Lonely Wheel
3. No I Don't
4. Hands
5. Young Again
6. Summer Summer
7. Hand Grenade
8. Books And Books
9. Souls On Ten
10. Want To
11. Get Through
12. Monster

Fear Inside Our Bones (2013)

Fear Inside Our Bones
1. Ghost
2. Fear Inside Our Bones
3. I'm Down
4. Never Be Like You
5. Come On
6. The Florida Sun
7. Fight Song
8. I Won't Let Go
9. So What
10. Love Is Coming Down
11. Lonely Boy
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