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Alter Bridge

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Alter Bridge

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Alter Bridge Biography

Comprisig three-quarter of the original Creed's line-up, guitarist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Phillips, the Alternative-Rock band Alter Bridge formed in January of 2004 in Orlando, Florida USA, when they hooked up with singer Myles Kennedy and started to work on their debut album.

"One Day Remains" was released in August that same year on Wind-Up Records; it debuted at #5 on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart and went gold spawning three Mainstream Rock top 40 hits, the first single off the CD, "Open Your Eyes", soared to #2, "Find The Real" peaked at #7 and "Broken Wings" reached the #29 position.

In June 2007 Alter Bridge signed with Universal Republic Records who issued "Blackbird" in October. The band's second album marked the full integration of Kennedy as a guitarist and songwriter. "One Day Remains" was largely written before Myles came on board. This time around, it was a collaborative effort with Tremonti and Kennedy sharing the songwriting duties, while all four band members worked on the arrangements. The disc fell just shy of The Billboard 200 top 10 and ascended into the U.K. top 40. First single, "Rise Today", quickly catapulted into the top 3 of The Hot Mainstream Rock chart and reached #32 on The Hot Modern Rock Tracks. It was followed by the melancholy Active Rock top 20 hit "Watch Over You" and the magnificent Hot Mainstream Rock top 30 entrant "Before Tomorrow Comes" which became a personal mantra for Myles Kennedy.

After Kennedy toured with Slash as his live lead vocalist, singing two numbers on the guitarist's debut solo album and the instrumental members recorded and toured with the reunited original Creed, Alter Bridge reconvened in the spring of 2010 to cut their third album, "AB III". The Active Rock #1 smash and metallic first single,"Isolation" showcased their ability to play and write aggressively while maintaining their signature melodic component. "AB III" was released in October via Roadrunner Records in all territories except North America where it came out on the band's own label, Alter Bridge Recordings, with EMI handling distribution. The disc reached #17 on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 list spawning two more singles, the minor hit "I Know It Hurts" and "Ghost Of Days Gone By" which peaked at #4 on The Mainstream Rock chart.

October 2013 saw Alter Bridge release its fourth studio album, "Fortress"; the set debuted at #6 in U.K. and peaked at #12 on The Billboard 200 trailed by a massive Active Rock hit single, "Addicted To Pain", which spent over 30 weeks on the chart.


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