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Amanda Palmer

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Amanda Palmer Biography

Born on April 30, 1976 and raised in Boston, Massachusetts USA, Amanda Palmer is a performer most noted for being the lead singer+pianist & songwriter of The Dresden Dolls.
With years of theater and performance art studies under her belt, Palmer has always sought to merge the worlds of Rock music, theater and performance art. Post-college, she was notorious around Boston as a “living statue” street performer, art-party impresario and do-it-yourself theater director.
Upon meeting drummer Brian Viglione at a party in 2000, The Dresden Dolls were born; the duo released multiple critically acclaimed records, but as the band hit their consecutive fifth year of touring, Palmer decided to take a breather and create her first solo album.

With the songs picked, recording commenced in marathon sessions in spring of 2007, with Ben Folds acting as producer and back-up one-man-band; the resulting stripped-down piano-and-voice "Who Killed Amanda Palmer" hits stores September 16 on Roadrunner Records.


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Who Killed Amanda Palmer (2008)

Who Killed Amanda Palmer
1. Astronaut: A Short History Of Nearly Nothing
2. Runs In The Family
3. Ampersand
4. Leeds United
5. Blake Says
6. Strength Through Music
7. Guitar Hero
8. Have To Drive
9. What's The Use Of Wond'rin?
10. Oasis
11. Point Of It All
12. Another Year: A Short History Of Almost Something
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