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American Bang

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American Bang band

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American Bang Biography

This Alternative-Rock band with a southern feel, formed in Nashville, Tennessee USA, in June 2005 as Bang Bang Bang, after drummer Neil Mason, guitarist Ben Brown and singer + guitarist Jaren Johnston's previous bands dissolved and the friends began to flesh out main songwriter Johnston's tales of hard-living, hard-drinking and loose women. After Kelby Ray took over bass duties, the four knew they had something special. The quartet's first show was opening for their friends O.A.R..

Bang Bang Bang built up a grass-roots audience playing locally, earning a reputation for their high-energy, no-holds-barred live shows. Encouraged, the band recorded a debut album, entitled "I Shot The King", which they released themselves in 2005.
They continued to play in the Southeast throughout 2006 opening for bands such as .38 Special, The Black Crowes and Lynyrd Skynyrd. The band catchy hooks and musical chemistry soon caught the attention of Warner Bros. Records, which signed them to release a 4-song EP, "Move To The Music", in the fall of 2007. It was around this time that the Nashville four-piece changed their name to American Bang.

In August 2010 American Bang released their self-titled major-label debut album for Reprise Records. The first single, "Wild And Young", climbed into the top 30 on both Billboard's Rock Songs and Alternative charts.


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¬ credited: Bang Bang Bang

I Shot The King (2005)

I Shot The King
1. Traffic
2. I Shot The King
3. Unstoppable
4. Turn It Up
5. American Ride
6. Cassanova Strut
7. Crazy
8. Heartbreak City
9. Self Control
10. Wish You Well
11. We Were Young
12. Fantastic World

American Bang (2010)

 American Bang self-titled album
1. Whiskey Walk
2. Wild And Young
3. Rewind
4. Angels
5. She Don't Cry No More
6. Hurts Like Hell
7. All We Know
8. Wouldn't Want To Be You
9. A Man Can Change
10. Other Side Of You
11. Roll On
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