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American Minor Biography

American Minor, a five-piece Alternative-Rock band from rural West Virginia, USA, comprising vocalist Robert McCutcheon, guitarists Josh Gragg and Bud Carroll, bassist Bruno and drummer Josh Knox played its first shows in 2002; they eventually left their hometown and locked themselves in a farmhouse outside Champaign in Illinois, spending the next 18 months writing and recording; the quintet caught the attention of Brad Smith and Christopher Thorn, both formerly of Blind Melon, who brought the band to Jive Records.

Another year of songwriting, touring and dates with Jet and Phantom Planet, followed before American Minor entered the studio to cut the 4-song EP, "The Buffalo Creek".

Their self-titled debut full-length album was finally released in August 2005, it includes the single "Walk On".


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American Minor (2005)

American Minor self-titled
1. Walk On
2. Break
3. Cheaters And Non-Believers
4. Mr. Queen
5. Don't Jump The Gun
6. Buffalo Creek
7. Shine
8. All My Time
9. Change
10. One Last Supper
11. Sleepwalking
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