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Amity Lane

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Amity Lane

Amity Lane photo 2006

Amity Lane Biography

The Alternative-Metal band Amity Lane is the new project featuring founding TRUST company vocalist+guitarist Kevin Palmer and bassist Josh Moates; their 2005's "True Parallels" climbed into the top 40 of The Billboard 200 with little to no label support and soon TRUST company parted ways with Geffen Records.
Shortly after Palmer exited and began writing new material with Moates, who had also left the group several months earlier, for what would eventually surface as Amity Lane; the Montgomery, Alabama USA-based outfit also featuring in its ranks Kevin's wife Layla Palmer on keyboards+vocals and Jason Rash on sampler.

Amity Lane's debut album, "The Sound Of Regret", appeared on Corporate Punishment in October 2006; the set includes the single "Drown You Out ".


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Amity Lane pictures:

  • Amity Lane band Amity Lane band
    from left: Layla Palmer, Kevin Palmer and Josh Moates

The Sound Of Regret (2006)

The Sound Of Regret
1. Drown You Out
2. Shutting Eyes
3. Die For You
4. Waiting For Goodbye
5. Running Away
6. Edge Of Your Heart
7. Million Miles Away
8. Broken Wings
9. Every Part Of You
10. The Avenue
11. Say Goodnight
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