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Andrew Stockdale

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Andrew Stockdale

Andrew Stockdale photo 2013

Andrew Stockdale Biography

Born on July 20, 1976 and raised in Brisbane, AUSTRALIA, Andrew James Stockdale began his music career at the age of 24 becoming the voice, guitarist and creative visionary for the modern psychedelic-Rock ouftit Wolfmother.

As the band was always Stockdale's band with a revolving cast of touring musicians, in 2013 Andrew Stockdale decided to take the leap and release his new music under his own name. In June 2013 he released "Keep Moving" which peaked within the top 40 in his native Australia; the disc includes the single "Long Way To Go".


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Andrew Stockdale pictures:

  • Andrew Stockdale 2009 Andrew Stockdale 2009
    A. Stockdale live w/ Wolfmother (2009)

Keep Moving (2013)

Keep Moving
1. Long Way To Go
2. Keep Moving
3. Somebody's Calling
4. Vicarious
5. Year Of The Dragon
6. Meridian
7. Ghetto
8. Suitcase (One More Time)
9. Of The Earth
10. Let It Go
11. Let Somebody Love You
12. She's A Motorhead
13. Standing On The Corner
14. Country
15. Black Swan
16. Everyday Drone
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