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Anew Revolution Biography

The Alternative-Metal outfit Anew Revolution, often shortened to just ANR, formed in 2004 when bass player Frank Salvaggio and drummer Rob Urbani ventured down to Austin, Texas USA and hooked up with ex-Ünloco singer + guitarist Joey Duenas.

The band's chemistry clicked and they recorded a self-titled EP that they sold themselves. They moved 5,000 copies, enjoyed love from iTunes and proved they could handle themselves in the live setting and their self-sufficiency was noticed by Koch Records, who signed the band in 2007. Before the release of Anew Revolution's first full-length disc, they hired Shaun Stockton as lead guitarist and in April 2008 issued "Rise" which they promoted by touring with the likes of Otep, Dope, Kittie and Sevendust.

ANR sophomore release, "iMerica", arrived in May 2010; the album features the single "Head Against The Wall".


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  • Anew Revolution band 2008 Anew Revolution band 2008
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Rise (2008)

1. Done
2. NME
3. Generation
4. Rise
5. Saddest Song
6. California Burning
7. True Faith
8. Let Go
9. Beautiful
10. Intro To Lonely / The Lonely
11. Love To Hate

iMerica (2010)

1. Broken Bones
2. Grey
3. Head Against The Wall
4. Social Suicide
5. Crucify
6. Brick By Brick
7. Ashes From Stone
8. Take Me Over
9. My Sacrifice
10. Killing Me
11. Life
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