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Angels & Airwaves

Angels & Airwaves bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

Angels and Airwaves

Angels & Airwaves photo 2011

Angels & Airwaves Biography

The San Diego, California USA-based Alternative-Rock all-star band Angels & Airwaves was formed in late 2004 when Blink-182 vocalist + guitarist Tom DeLonge announced that he would be coming out with a new CD with a new band.
The project also featured Boxcar Racer guitarist Dave Kennedy, ex-The Distillers bassist Ryan Sinn and drummer Atom Willard from The Offspring.

The group's debut album, "We Don't Need To Whisper", was issued on Geffen Records in May 2006, the 10-song set shot to #4 on The Billboard 200, peaked at #3 on the Top Canadian Albums chart and reached the top 10 in the U.K. on the strength of the main single "The Adventure" which hit #5 on the U.S. Hot Modern Rock chart and rocketed into the top 20 in Great Britain. The CD also spawned two more American Modern Rock radio hits in the top 30 "The War" and "Do It For Me Now".

In June 2007, after Ryan Sinn was ejected from the band, Angels & Airwaves revised their line-up with bassist Matt Wachter, formerly of 30 Seconds To Mars.
In November 2007 the quartet released their second album, "I-Empire". The disc debuted at #9 on The Billboard 200, it was prefaced by the single "Everything's Magic" which reached the #11 position in The Hot Modern Rock chart.

Angels & Airwaves put out their third studio album, "Love", on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2010 and it was offered to fans free of charge; DeLonge and company selected "Hallucinations" as the first single to represent the project. "Love" was also be accompanied by an independent film of the same name.

Following the departure of Atom Willard , who was replaced by ex-Lostprophets drummer Ilan Rubin, in the fall of 2011, the alt-Rock quartet released "Love Part Two". The set includes the single "Surrender".


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Angels & Airwaves pictures:

  • Angels & Airwaves original lineup Angels & Airwaves original lineup
    The band line-up 2006
  • Angels & Airwaves band Angels & Airwaves band
    from left: Dave Kennedy, Matt Wachter, Tom Delonge and Atom Willard -- 2007

We Don't Need To Whisper (2006)

We Don't Need To Whisper
1. Valkyrie Missile
2. Distraction
3. Do It For Me Now
4. The Adventure
5. A Little's Enough
6. The War
7. The Gift
8. It Hurts
9. Good Day
10. Start The Machine

I-Empire (2007)

1. Call To Arms
2. Everything's Magic
3. Breathe
4. Love Like Rockets
5. Sirens
6. Secret Crowds
7. Star Of Bethlehem
8. True Love
9. Lifeline
10. Jumping Rooftops
11. Rite Of Spring
12. Heaven

Love (2010)

1. Et Ducit Mundum Per Luce
2. The Flight Of Apollo
3. Young London
4. Shove
5. Epic Holiday
6. Hallucinations
7. The Moon-Atomic (...Fragments And Fictions)
8. Clever Love
9. Soul Survivor (...2012)
10. Letters To God, Part II
11. Some Origins Of Fire

Love Part Two (2011)

Love Part Two
1. Saturday Love
2. Surrender
3. Anxiety
4. My Heroine (It's Not Over)
5. Moon As My Witness
6. Dry Your Eyes
7. The Revelator
8. One Last Thing
9. Inertia
10. Behold A Pale Horse
11. All That We Are
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