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Animal Kingdom

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Animal Kingdom band

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Animal Kingdom Biography

Formed back in 2009 in South London, ENGLAND, the Alternative Pop-Rock outfit Animal Kingdom originally started out as a four-piece including Richard Sauberlich on vocals + guitar & piano, Wayne Yardley on guitar, Hamish Crombie on bass and Geoff Lea on drums.

They soon released a couple of limited edition singles that were well received by music critics and in September 2009 arrived the band's debut album, "Signs And Wonders", which was recorded at Electrokitty Studios in Seattle.

Set up now as a three-piece, due to the departure of Yardley, Animal Kingdom have set May 8, 2012, as the release date for the new album, "The Looking Away". It includes the Alternative Rock top 40 hit "Strange Attractor".


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Animal Kingdom pictures:

  • Animal Kingdom band 2009 Animal Kingdom band 2009
    The band line-up 2009

Signs And Wonders (2009)

Signs And Wonders
1. Good Morning
2. Signs And Wonders
3. Tin Man
4. Silence Summons You
5. Into The Sea
6. Two By Two
7. Home
8. Walls Of Jericho
9. Mephistopheles
10. Yes Sir. Yes Sir
11. Bright Lights
12. Chalk Stars

The Looking Away (2012)

The Looking Away
1. The Wave
2. Get Away With It
3. Strange Attractor
4. Straw Man
5. Skipping Disc
6. Glass House
7. The Art Of Tuning Out
8. White Sparks
9. Everything At Once
10. Alone Together
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