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Annie Lennox

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Annie Lennox 2008

Annie Lennox photo - Live8 2005

Annie Lennox Biography

Annie Lennox was born in Aberdeen, SCOTLAND, on December 25, 1954. She attended the Aberdeen School for Girls, where she nurtured her interest in the arts. Her parents recognized her particular interest in music as early as age 3. She took up the piano and flute and also sang in the school choir.
At 17, Lennox was accepted by the Royal Academy of Music in London. She spent the next three years studying classical music, only to drop out a few weeks before her finals. She stayed in London for another three years where she met her boyfriend Dave Stewart in 1976.
Lennox and Stewart had their first taste of success with The Tourists, a guitar-driven, straight-ahead Pop-Rock outfit that scored a huge hit in 1979 with their cover of Dusty Springfield's "I Only Want to Be With You".
Although things seemed to be working out for The Tourists, they broke up early in 1981. Lennox and Stewart stuck together, renaming themselves Eurythmics, a synthesizer-based duo which went on to sell 40 million records in the '80s.


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Annie Lennox pictures:

  • Annie Lennox live mid 90s Annie Lennox live mid 90s
    Annie Lennox live in New York, 1995

Diva (1992)

1. Why
2. Walking On Broken Glass
3. Precious
4. Legend In My Living Room
5. Cold
6. Money Can't Buy It
7. Little Bird
8. Primitive
9. Stay By Me
10. The Gift
11. Keep Young And Beautiful

Medusa (1995)

1. No More I Love You's
2. Take Me To The River
3. A Whiter Shade Of Pale
4. Don't Let It Bring You Down
5. Train In Vain
6. I Can't Get Next To You
7. Downtown Lights
8. Thin Line Between Love And Hate
9. Waiting In Vain
10. Something So Right

Bare (2003)

1. A Thousand Beautiful Things
2. Pavement Cracks
3. The Hurting Time
4. Honestly
5. Wonderful
6. Bitter Pill
7. Loneliness
8. The Saddest Song I've Got
9. Erased
10. Twisted
11. Oh God (Prayer)

Songs Of Mass Destruction (2007)

Songs Of Mass Destruction
1. Dark Road
2. Love Is Blind
3. Smithereens
4. Ghosts In My Machine
5. Womankind
6. Through The Glass Darkly
7. Lost
8. Coloured Bedspread
9. Sing
10. Big Sky
11. Fingernail Moon
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