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Aranda band

Aranda photo 2009
Gabe Aranda (left) - Dameon Aranda (right)

Aranda Biography

Hailing from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA, the Alternative-Rock outfit Aranda was formed around the brothers Gabe Aranda on lead vocals and Dameon Aranda on guitar + bass.
From the very beginning, music was an important part of the way the two related to each other. As little brothers often do, Gabe always wanted to be a part of what Dameon was doing and since Dameon was into music, naturally Gabe was too.
They formed their first band when they were in middle school, eventually forming Aranda near the end of high school. They played out several times a week all around Oklahoma, while also holding down full time jobs.
Years later, after constant practice honed them into a polished band and they had created a small army of fans in Oklahoma, their friend Sam Watters, formerly of the multi-platinum R&B group Color Me Badd, got them in front of Tommy Mottola of Sony, who signed them on the spot. After two years of work on the album, Sony went through personnel changes and canceled the deal. Though the process didn't end with a completed album, the brothers were thankful for the growth and further development they gained through the experience. Feeling like that was the end of their days as performing artists, Gabe went home to Oklahoma City and started a small business and Dameon was offered a publishing deal writing songs for other singers.

It was in 2006 that Aranda were signed to Astonish Records. The band which also included Arandas' cousin, bassist Chad Roper and drummer Mike Walker, again worked with Sam Watters to create an outstanding debut album, an eponymous CD, which was released in April 2008. The disc produced a radio hit with "Still In The Dark" which eventually reached the #31 position on The Hot Mainstream Rock chart. It was followed by another Active Rock radio hit, the high-energy song titled "Whyyawannabringmedown".
During this time the group performed with top Rock bands such as The All-American Rejects, Saliva, Shinedown, Puddle Of Mudd, Theory Of A Deadman and Black Stone Cherry.
Roper then left the fold and was replaced by new bass player, B. Webb.

In January 2012 Aranda returned with a brand new album entitled "Stop The World"; the set contains the lead-off single "Undone" that stopped just short of the top 40 of the Billboard's Rock Songs chart.


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Aranda pictures:

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Aranda (2008)

Aranda  self-titled album
1. Punish Me
2. It Ain't Easy
3. Whyyawannabringmedown
4. All I Ever Wanted
5. Still In The Dark
6. Waiting On A Sign
7. Testify
8. Hooked On You
9. Another Day
10. Do You Feel
11. Gravity

Stop The World (2012)

Stop The World
1. The Upside Of Vanity
2. Undone
3. Stop The World
4. Satisfied
5. One More Lie
6. Stand
7. Love Hitchhiker
8. Hey Sally
9. Break Away
10. The Rest Of My Life
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