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Arcadia bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

Arcadia band

Arcadia photo 1985 - left to right:
Simon Le Bon • Nick Rhodes • Roger Taylor

Arcadia Biography

Arcadia started out as the second Duran Duran side-project in 1985, with Simon Le Bon on vocals, Nick Rhodes on keyboards and Roger Taylor on drums; the threesome released that same year in October the single "Election Day" featured a narration by Grace Jones, the track shot to #6 on The Billboard Hot 100 and entered the top 10 of the Official British Singles chart.
It was followed by their only album, "So Red The Rose", which hit #23 on The Billboard Top 200 list and found similar chart success on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean; from the album was taken another American Top 40 hit, "Goodbye Is Forever"; shortly afterwards the members of Arcadia re-formed Duran Duran without Andy Taylor.


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Arcadia pictures:

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So Red The Rose (1985)

So Red The Rose
1. Election Day
2. Keep Me In The Dark
3. Goodbye Is Forever
4. The Flame
5. Missing
6. Rose Arcana
7. The Promise
8. El Diablo
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