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Armor For Sleep

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Armor For Sleep

Armor For Sleep photo 2007

Armor For Sleep Biography

Since forming in 2002 in Teaneck, New Jersey USA, Armor For Sleep has established itself as one of today's premier Alternative-Rock band; Ben Jorgensen on vocals+guitar, PJ DeCicco on guitar, Anthony Dilonno on bass and Nash Breen on drums began slowly building the massive, supportive fanbase that they have today.

The release of the group's debut disc, "Dream To Make Believe", in June 2003 on independent label Equal Vision Records, thrust them on tour where receptive listeners were attracted to the genuine, personable sensibility of the band and their music.
But 2005's critically acclaimed concept-based follow-up, "What To Do When You Are Dead", set them far apart from the other bands swimming in the deep sea of Emo bands and put them distinctly on the top of the bubbling genre; the CD hit #8 on the Top Independent Albums chart and reached the #101 slot on The Billboard 200 Albums chart. Selling over 220,000 records to date, "What To Do When You Are Dead" solidified the bond between band and fan and eventually peaked the interest of Warner Bros. and drew them to add Armor For Sleep to their roster in 2006.

The band signed to Sire and issued their third full-length disc, "Smile For Them", in October 2007; it climbed into the top 100 of The Billboard 200.


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Armor For Sleep pictures:

  • Armor For Sleep band 2003 Armor For Sleep band 2003
    Group shot 2003

Dream To Make Believe (2003)

Dream To Make Believe
1. Armor For Sleep
2. Dream To Make Believe
3. All Warm
4. Being Your Walls
5. My Town
6. The Wanderers Guild
7. Frost And Front Steps
8. Phantoms Now
9. Raindrops
10. Kind Of Perfect
11. Slip Like Space

What To Do When You Are Dead (2005)

What To Do When You Are Dead
1. Car Underwater
2. The Truth About Heaven
3. Remember To Feel Real
4. Awkward Last Words
5. Stay On The Ground
6. A Quick Little Flight
7. The More You Talk The Less I Hear
8. Basement Ghost Singing
9. Walking At Night, Alone
10. I Have Been Right All Along
11. The End Of A Fraud

Smile For Them (2007)

Smile For Them
1. Smile For The Camera
2. Williamsburg
3. Somebody Else's Arms
4. Hold The Door
5. Run Right Back In
6. Snow Globe
7. End Of The World
8. Stars In Your Eyes
9. Lullaby
10. Chemicals
11. My Saving Grace
12. Stand In The Spotlight
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