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Art Of Dying

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Art Of Dying band

Art Of Dying photo 2011
LtoR: Greg Bradley, Cale Gontier, Jonathan Hetherington, Tavis Stanley and Jeff Brown

Art Of Dying Biography

The Altrernative-Rock troop Art Of Dying was formed in Vancouver, British Columbia CANADA, in 2004 by singer Jonathan Hetherington, guitarist Greg Bradley, bassist David Mariacci and drummer Flavio Cirillo.

In September 2005 Art Of Dying released its first single, "Get Through This"; the track was even featured on the band's self-titled debut album, which was issued in October 2006. By this time, the band's line-up consisted of frontman Jonathan Hetherington, guitarists Greg Bradley and Chris Witoski, bassist Matt Rhode and drummer Flavio Cirillo.

After going through a variety of players, Hetherington and Bradley cemented the Art Of Dying's line-up with guitarist Tavis Stanley, bassist Cale Gontier, cousin of Three Days Grace's Adam Gontier and drummer Jeff Brown. In March 2011 they released "Vices And Virtues" which reached the #117 position on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart on the back of the Active Rock top 40 hit "Die Trying".


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Art Of Dying pictures:

  • Art Of Dying band lineup 2005 Art Of Dying band lineup 2005
    The band line-up 2005
  • Art Of Dying photo 2007 Art Of Dying photo 2007
    Art Of Dying 2007

Art Of Dying (2006)

Art Of Dying self-titled album
1. Get Through This
2. You Don't Know Me
3. I Will Be There
4. Fits Of Clarity
5. Inside It's Raining
6. Completely
7. Do What You Can
8. Crime
9. Car Crash
10. Alone
11. Build A Wall
12. Dog Is My Copilot

Vices And Virtues (2011)

Vices And Virtues
1. Die Trying
2. Get Thru This
3. Sorry
4. Whole World's Crazy
5. Completely
6. I Will Be There
7. You Don't Know Me
8. Raining
9. Best I Can
10. Straight Across My Mind
11. Breathe Again
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