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Billy Howerdel (2008)

ASHES dIVIDE Biography

The brainchild of guitarist+singer & songwriter Billy Howerdel, ASHES dIVIDE is a new Alternative-Rock project that has been nearly two years in the making.
New Jersey-born Billy Howerdel is a self taught musician who started out doing theatrical stage lighting. Took to the road as a guitar technician for many bands, among them David Bowie, Guns N' Roses, Nine Inch Nails, The Smashing Pumpkins and Tool. Although Howerdel and Keenan became friends years earlier while crossing paths on tour, it was not until the recording sessions for Tool 1996 album Aenima that the two planted the seeds which would later become the multi-platinum band A Perfect Circle.

ASHES dIVIDE's debut album, "Keep Telling Myself It's All Right", was issued in March 2008 through Island Records. The first single, "The Stone", made a strong debut on the Billboard's airplay charts where it quickly raced into the top 10 on both Hot Mainstream Rock and Hot Modern Rock Tracks.


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Keep Telling Myself It's All Right (2008)

Keep Telling Myself It's All Right
1. Stripped Away
2. Denial Waits
3. Too Late
4. Forever Can Be
5. Defamed
6. Enemies
7. A Wish
8. Ritual
9. The Stone
10. The Prey
11. Sword
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