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Athlete band

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Athlete Biography

The Pop-Rock quartet Athlete first came together in 1999 in the south-east London suburb of Deptford, ENGLND, where all the members grew up; singer+guitarist Joel Pott, bassist Carey Willetts, keyboardist Tim Wanstall and drummer Stephen Roberts quit their jobs to make music full-time and get a record deal with Regal Records.

In spring 2002, the label released the band's self-titled 3-track EP which included their first U.K. charting single, "Westside".
The warm reception afforded the EP led to a major label recording contract with Parlophone Records and the subsequent two singles, "You Got The Style" and "El Salvador", both made the top 40; in April 2003 was finally released Athlete's first full-length album, "Vehicles & Animals", which hit the top 20 of the National U.K. Pop chart.
The follow-up "Tourist" was another commercial success, debuting at #1 on the British Albums chart in January 2005; it also yielded a couple of top 20 hit singles including the #4 "Wires" and "Half Light".


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Athlete pictures:

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Vehicles & Animals (2003)

Vehicles & Animals
1. El Salvador
2. Westside
3. One Million
4. Shake Those Windows
5. Beautiful
6. New Project
7. You Got The Style
8. Vehicles And Animals
9. Out Of Nowhere
10. Dungeness
11. You Know
12. Le Casio

Tourist (2005)

1. Chances
2. Half Light
3. Tourist
4. Trading Air
5. Wires
6. If I Found Out
7. Yesterday Threw Everything At Me
8. Street Map
9. Modern Mafia
10. Twenty Four Hours
11. I Love

Beyond The Neighbourhood (2007)

Beyond The Neighbourhood
1. In Between 2 States
2. Hurricane
3. Tokyo
4. Airport Disco
5. It's Not Your Fault
6. The Outsiders
7. Flying Over Bus Stops
8. Second Hand Stores
9. In The Library
10. Best Not To Think About
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