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Atlas Genius

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Atlas Genius

Atlas Genius photo 2012

Atlas Genius Biography

The Alternative-Rock outfit Atlas Genius formed in Adelaide, AUSTRALIA, in 2009 when three brothers Keith Jeffery on vocals + guitar, Steven Jeffery on bass and Michael Jeffery on drums, joined forces and began collaborating with british keyboardist Darren Sell.

In early 2012 the group's breakout hit, "Trojans", sold more than 45,000 downloads in the U.S. alone before the band was even signed to a label. This helped Atlas Genius secure a deal with Warner Bros. Records which will release its debut EP, "Through The Glass", on June 12, 2012. The band members are currently at work in their home studio on their full-length debut, which is due out in the fall.


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Through The Glass [EP] (2012)

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