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Atom Smash

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Atom Smash

Atom Smash photo 2012

Atom Smash Biography

Based in Miami, Florida USA, Atom Smash formed in a fairly unconventional manner. In 2006 vocalist Sergio Sanchez found Alex 'Z' Zilinski via an online classified, Z then left his country of Austria to chase a Rock 'n' Roll dream. The band's line-up solidified in late 2008 when bassist Arnold Nese and drummer Mark 'Taco' Annino joined the fold permanently. Their sound is ripe with modern influence, but layered with undercurrents of early Grunge and classic Hard-Rock.

In support of the group's first EP, "Sacrifice", they immediately hit the road in early 2009. Through sharing stages with the likes of Saliva, Tantric and Halestorm, Atom Smash cultivated a raucous live show, winning new fans every night and finally signed to Jive Records.

In early 2010 Luke 'Cowboy' Rice was added to the line-up for the second guitar postion and the group hit the studio to create their debut full-length album, "Love Is In The Missile", which was released in August 2010. The lead-off single "Do Her Wrong" got some airplay on Active Rock radio.

Following substantial changes to the line-up, both Zilinski and Nese left the band, with the latter being replaced by bass player 'Crazy' Dave Carrey, in early 2011 Atom Smash started recording what would become their 2012 album entitled "Beautiful Alien". A majority of the new sound was engineered, produced and mixed by the band itself. The disc includes the single "The World Is Ours".


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  • Atom Smash band lineup 2009 Atom Smash band lineup 2009
    The band line-up 2009
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    Atom Smash 2010

Love Is In The Missile (2010)

 Love Is In The Missile
1. Ashes
2. Do Her Wrong
3. Last Call
4. Erase Those Days
5. Sunburn
6. Naked
7. Bianca
8. Sacrifice
9. Mile High Love
10. Rocker Girl
11. Shooting Star

Beautiful Alien (2012)

1. Beautiful Alien
2. Square One
3. Hangman
4. Good Times, Dark Ages
5. The World Is Ours
6. Kiss From A Rose
7. Don't You Forget It
8. Cocaine Angel
9. Hole In My Head
10. 2012 Baby
11. Kids Got Moves
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