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Atomic Tom

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Atomic Tom

Atomic Tom photo 2010

Atomic Tom Biography

The story of the Alternative-Rock band Atomic Tom originated in Brooklyn, New York USA, in 2006 when lead vocalist Luke White began writing demos with Philip Galitzine on bass, adding guitarist Eric Espiritu in 2007. By early 2009, drummer Tobias Smith completed the circle.
After countless New York area shows, the quartet started to hear their lyrics shouted back at them at shows and eventually caught the attention of Universal Republic Records.

In November 2010 arrived the band's debut album, "The Moment", which combines flourishes of Electronica and pulsating anthemic Rock for a sound that's honors its influences. The disc includes the Alternative radio top 40 hit "Take Me Out".


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The Moment (2010)

The Moment
1. Let Let Go Tonight
2. The Moment
3. Take Me Out
4. Red Light Warning Sign
5. We Were Never Meant To Be
6. I'm Coming After You
7. Play That Dirty Girl
8. Maybe I'm Wrong
9. You Always Get What You Want
10. This Is How We Like To End
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