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Audio Bullys

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Audio Bullys

Audio Bullys photo 2010

Audio Bullys Biography

Simon Franks and Tom Dinsdale, who come from West London, ENGLAND, are the members of this Electro-Pop project. Franks grew up playing piano, guitar and drums from an early age, discovering sampler later, he performed as a DJ playing Jungle, House and Garage in pirate raves; Dinsdale at the age of 17 was resident-DJ at London club Milk N' 2 Sugars.

In June 2003 Audio Bullys released their first full-length disc, "Ego War", which debuted inside the U.K. Top 20 Albums chart and spawned two U.K. top 40 singles including 100 XR's minor hit "The Things".

The duo released their sophomore effort, "Generation", in October 2005; despite the album barely sneaked into the British top 40 chart, it ironically generated their biggest worldwide hit, "Shot You Down", the track features vocal samples of Nancy Sinatra from her rendition of "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" penned by Sonny Bono.

Over four years after the release of their previous album, Audio Bullys return with "Higher Than The Eiffel". Rave anthems injected with the energy of House and breaks are layered with heavy guitar sounds, as heard on the lead single "Only Man".


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Audio Bullys pictures:

  • Audio Bullys 2005 Audio Bullys 2005
    Simon Franks & Tom Dinsdale (2005)

Ego War (2003)

Ego War
1. Snake
2. 100 Million
3. Way Too Long
4. Turned Away
5. Real Life
6. We Don't Care
7. Face In A Cloud
8. The Tyson Shuffle
9. The Things
10. Veteran
11. The Snow
12. I Go To Your House
13. Hit The Ceiling
14. Ego War

Generation (2005)

1. introduction
2. Shot You Down
3. Keep On Moving
4. Generation
5. I Won't Let You Down
6. The World
7. Eq-Ing
8. Made Like That
9. All Sing Along
10. Get Myself On Track
11. I'm In Love
12. Take You There
13. This Road
14. Struck By The Sound

Higher Than The Eiffel (2010)

Higher Than The Eiffel
1. Drums (On With The Story)
2. Only Man
3. Daisy Chains
4. Feel Alright
5. Twist Me Up
6. Dynamite
7. Drained Out
8. London Dreamer
9. The Future Belongs To Us
10. Shotgun
11. Dragging Me Down
12. Smiling Faces
13. Kiss The Sky
14. Goodbye
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