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Audioslave bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

Audioslave band

Audioslave photo 2005

Audioslave Biography

The Alternative-Rock Alternative-Metal supergroup Audioslave formed in Los Angeles, California USA, consisting of ex-frontman of Soundgarden, singer Chris Cornell and three-quarters of Rage Against The Machine, the wizard Tom Morello on guitar, Tim Commerford on bass and Brad Wilk on drums.

When Rage's frontman Zack de la Rocha departed in October of 2000 from his band, rumours began circulating that Cornell was going to replace De La Rocha. Gossip fueled truth, for Cornell joined the rest of Rage, in fact they worked for a year around the new project, but in mid-2002 Cornell abruptly quit, six weeks later he re-joined the band and before the album was recorded, they officially christened themselves Audioslave.
The band released their stunning self-titled debut album in November 2002 on Epic Records and followed it up with a supporting tour; the set reached the #7 on The Billboard Top 200, #6 in Canadian Albums list and #8 in Australia; it generated no less than five Billboard's Modern and Mainstream Rock hit singles including "Like A Stone" #1 on both the charts, "Cochise" #2 on Active Rock list, "Show Me How To Live" also hit #2 in the same chart and rose to #4 on The Modern Rock chart; "I Am The Highway" made top 3 on both the charts and "What You Are" cracked the top 10 of The Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.
In May 2005 the quartet released their sophomore effort, "Out Of Exile", reaching the top of the North American Albums charts; the first single, "Be Yourself", hit the top 40 of The Billboard Hot 100 and went straight to #1 on the Billboard's Rock airplay charts; the follow-up single, "Doesn't Remind Me", rose to #2 on The Mainstream Rock Tracks list and also hit the top 3 of The Modern Rock chart. The album yielded two more Modern Rock top 20 hits with the title-track and "Your Time Has Come".

Audioslave returned in September 2006 with "Revelations"; the highly anticipated new album includes the single "Original Fire".


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Audioslave pictures:

  • Audioslave band 2002 Audioslave band 2002
    Group shot 2002, from left: B. Wilk, T. Commerford, C. Cornell & T. Morello

Audioslave (2002)

Audioslave self-titled album
1. Cochise
2. Show Me How To Live
3. Gasoline
4. What You Are
5. Like A Stone
6. Set It Off
7. Shadow Of The Sun
8. I Am The Highway
9. Exploder
10. Hypnotize
11. Bring Em Back Alive
12. Light My Way
13. Getaway Car
14. The Last Remaining Light

Out Of Exile (2005)

Out Of Exile
1. Your Time Has Come
2. Out Of Exile
3. Be Yourself
4. Doesn't Remind Me
5. Drown Me Slowly
6. Heaven's Dead
7. The Worm
8. Man Or Animal
9. Yesterday To Tomorrow
10. Dandelion
11. #1 Zero
12. The Curse

Revelations (2006)

1. Revelations
2. One And The Same
3. Sound Of A Gun
4. Until We Fall
5. Original Fire
6. Broken City
7. Somedays
8. Shape Of Things To Come
9. Jewel Of The Summertime
10. Wide Awake
11. Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye
12. Moth
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