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Audiovent band

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Audiovent Biography

The Alternative-Rock band Audiovent formed in Calabasas, California USA. Comprising singer Jason Boyd, guitarist Benjamin Einziger, bassist Paul Fried and drummer Jamin Wilcox, the group has been making music together for nearly a decade and their tight interpersonal bond is reflected in their multi-faceted, intensely textured sound. Inspired by an eclectic variety of old-school Rock and Soul, Audiovent have dedicated themselves to the art of songwriting and sonic experimentation.

After entering high school, the foursome continued to work at developing their own unique sound and vision. They played gigs around their hometown, eventually venturing as far as Hollywood.
Having grown confident in the quality of their sound and songs, in 1999 the band recorded "Papa's Dojo"; the CD, independently produced under the band's original moniker Vent, went on to sell more than 3,000 copies, just at local gigs and via the Internet. Over the next two years, the band continued to refine their craft, rehearsing, writing and relentlessly touring the California coast.
Audiovent inked with Atlantic in 2001 and quickly set to recording their debut full-length disc, "Dirty Sexy Knights In Paris"; the album was finally released in June 2002 and reached the #156 position on The Billboard Top 200 chart on the back of the main single, "The Energy", which peaked at #7 on The Mainstream Rock chart and at #17 on The Modern Rock Tracks; the second single, "Looking Down", was a moderate Active Rock radio hit; the band toured with Theory Of A Deadman and Saliva that fall but the members of Audiovent decided to part ways in mid-2004.

Two years later Jamin Wilcox joined the L.A.-based alt-Rock band Under The Influence Of Giants.


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Dirty Sexy Knights In Paris (2002)

Dirty Sexy Knights In Paris
1. The Energy
2. Looking Down
3. I Can't Breathe
4. Rain
5. One Small Choice
6. Sweet Frustration
7. Stalker
8. Gravity
9. Underwater Silence
10. Back And Forth
11. Beautiful Addiction
12. When I Drown
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