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Auf Der Maur

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Melissa Auf Der Maur

Melissa Auf Der Maur photo 2009

Auf Der Maur Biography

Melissa Auf Der Maur was born on March 17, 1972 in Montreal, Quebec CANADA; her father, Nick Auf Der Maur who died in 1998 was a politician and her mother, Linda Gaborieau, became a well-known translator and Montreal's first female Rock DJ.

Melissa attended Concordia University in Montreal, where she was majoring in photography. At the time she was a DJ at a local bar, where she hooked up with a lot of musicians. After the bar would close, they would go to their practising space and jam. Melissa wanted to pursue her musical interests and decided on playing the bass.
In 1994 she left her home in Montreal to join Hole after the tragic death of previous bassist Kristen M. Pfaff. Five years later she joined The Smashing Pumpkins to support their last album.

Auf Der Maur started recording her first solo album not with one regular band in 2001, big names on the full-length disc are The Smashing Pumpkins's James Iha, Queens Of The Stone Age main men Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri, Twiggy Ramirez, Atom Willard and many others. "Auf Der Maur" was released by Capitol Records in Europe in February 2004, the album created quite a stir among fans and music critics; it debuted within the U.K. Top 40 Albums chart on the back of hit singles such as "Followed The Waves", "Real A Lie" and "Taste You". In America the CD reached the #187 on The Billboard 200 and the first single, "Followed The Waves" peaked at #32 on The Modern Rock chart.

Melissa Auf Der Maur is preparing the release up of her new multimedia project "Out Of Our Minds", featuring her next album, film and comic book.


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Auf Der Maur pictures:

  • Melissa Auf Der Maur 2004 Melissa Auf Der Maur 2004
    M. Auf Der Maur (2004)

Auf Der Maur (2004)

Auf Der Maur self-titled album
1. Lightning Is My Girl
2. Followed The Waves
3. Real A Lie
4. Head Unbound
5. Taste You
6. I'll Be Anything You Want
7. Beast Of Honor
8. My Foggy Notion
9. Would If I Could
10. Overpower Thee
11. Skin Receiver
12. I Need I Want I Will

Out Of Our Minds (2010)

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