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Autolux band

Autolux photo 2009

Autolux Biography

Comprised of vocalist + bassist Eugene Goreshter, guitarist Greg Edwards and drummer Carla Azar, the Indie-Rock band Autolux started out by playing gigs in Los Angeles, California USA, in early 2000.

Their alt-noise Electro-Rock captured the attention of various contemporary acts such as The White Stripes who invited them to open a string of dates, in the meantime the three-piece outfit self-released the aptly-titled 5-track demo-CD "Demonstration".
By the fall of 2002, the band became the first act signed to DMZ Records, a new label created by the Coen Brothers and T Bone Burnett.
Two years later Autolux released their debut full-length disc, "Future Perfect", which reached the #16 position on the Billboard Magazine's Top Electronic Albums chart; it included the single "Here Comes Everybody" and was followed with a nationwide tour with such acts as Secret Machines, Beck and Nine Inch Nails.

After many years of inactivity Autolux are officially back; their second album, "Transit Transit", is scheduled for release on August 3, 2010.


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Autolux pictures:

  • Autolux band 2004 Autolux band 2004
    Group shot 2004

Future Perfect (2004)

Future Perfect
1. Turnstile Blues
2. Angry Candy
3. Subzero Fun
4. Sugarless
5. Blanket
6. Great Days For The Passenger Element
7. Robots In The Garden
8. Here Comes Everybody
9. Asleep At The Trigger
10. Plantlife
11. Capital Kind Of Strain

Transit Transit (2010)

Transit Transit
1. Transit Transit
2. Census
3. Highchair
5. Spots
6. The Bouncing Wall
7. Audience No. 2
8. Kissproof
9. Headless Sky
10. The Science Of Imaginary Solutions
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