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Bad Religion Biography

Punk-Rock Alternative-Rock band formed in 1980 in San Fernando Valley, California USA, by lead singer Greg Graffin, guitarist Brett Gurewitz, bassist Jay Bentley and drummer Jay Ziskrout.

They started playing parties and hardcore-Punk local clubs in the area releasing a self-titled 6-track EP on Epitaph Records, a label which was founded by Gurewitz.
In 1982 Peter Finestone joined the band replacing Ziskrout on drums, Bad Religion along with the newcomer, issued their debut full-length album, "How Could Hell Be Any Worse?".
The next release, 1983's "Into The Unknown" didn't achieve the same level of success.

The major change in the line-up came during the following three years; the band recorded in 1984 a 5-track EP titled "Back To The Known", but the come back album saw the light of day in late 1987. At the time the revitalized Bad Religion featured Graffin, Gurewitz, guitarist Greg Hetson, Bentley and Finestone, the band's third LP, "Suffer", was widely acclaimed by critics.

The quintet released "No Control" in late 1989 and "Against The Grain" a year later.

After Bobby Schayer replaced Finestone behind the drum kit the band recorded and released in the spring of 1992 "Generator".

One year later, Bad Religion, signed to Atlantic Records who released their major-label debut album, "Recipe For Hate", which expanded their popularity in Europe.

The next release, "Stranger Than Fiction", took the band for the first time into The Billboard Top 200 chart, the record contained their first Modern Rock hit single , "21st Century (Digital Boy)", which rose to #11 spot, also the title-track and "Infected" climbed into the top 30 on the same chart.

Gurewitz left the band in 1994 to work at Epitaph full-time after the unexpected success of The Offspring; guitar player Brian Baker joined Bad Religion and in February of 1996 the band released "The Gray Race", it peaked at #56 on The Billboard 200 Albums chart and generated the Modern Rock top 40 single, "A Walk".

Two years later was released "No Substance", it reached the #78 position on the Billboard's Top 200 Albums list but failed to yield any hit singles.

Produced by legendary rocker Todd Rundgren, the band's eleventh studio record "The New America", which arrived on shelves in May 2000, equaled the chart performance of its immediate predecessor. It included 100 XR's fave "It's A Long Way To The Promise Land".

In the summer of 2001, Brett Gurewitz returned to the line-up. Working with new drummer Brooks Wackerman, their next album, "The Process Of Belief", was issued the following year via Epitaph; it peaked at #1 on the Top Independent Albums chart and at #49 on The Billboard 200 spawning "Sorrow" which grabbed a #35 spot on The Modern Rock Tracks.

Bad Religion made its return in mid-2004 with the release of the 13th studio album, "The Empire Strikes First"; the disc cracked the top 40 of The Billboard 200 while the lead single, "Los Angeles Is Burning", made it onto Billboard's Modern Rock top 40 chart.

In July 2007, the veteran punks six-piece outfit issued "New Maps Of Hell", the album gave them their highest chart placing to date beating the #35 position on The Billboard 200, but both the singles released to promote it, "Honest Goodbye" and "New Dark Ages", failed to dent the charts.

As Bad Religion wrapped up their 30th anniversary, they opened the next chapter of their storied career with a new offering "The Dissent Of Man"; it quickly catapulted into the top 40 of The Billboard Albums 200 list upon its September 2010 release and the main single, "The Devil In Stitches", reached the #38 spot on The Rock Songs chart. Bristling with electric energy and undeniable fervor the disc produced two more minor hits: "Cyanide" and "Wrong Way Kids".

Latest News:

The iconic long-running Punk-Rock band have announced that their new album, entitled "True North", is set to arrive in stores January 22, 2013; it includes the first single, "Fuck You".


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