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Band Of Horses

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Band Of Horses 2007

Band Of Horses photo 2007

Band Of Horses Biography

Guitarist+vocalist Ben Bridwell and bassist Mat Brooke formed Band Of Horses in Seattle, Washington USA, in 2004 after the dissolution of their nearly ten-year run in the Northwest Indie Folk-Rock quintet Carissa's Wierd. They later recruited guitarist+bassist Rob Hampton and drummer Creighton Barrett to form a full-time touring band.

Released in March of 2006 on SubPop Records, Band of Horses' debut "Everything All The Time" made good on the promise hinted at in their early shows and demos reaching #31 on the Billboard Top Independent Albums chart. The band went from from early live performances, to playing on The Late Show with David Letterman by July and being nominated as one of ten finalists, along with the eventual winner Cat Power, for the Shortlist Music Prize for that same year. The record was well-received critically, with celebratory press in Spin, The New York Times, Billboard, NME and a slew of others; not a bad place to start, but Brooke nevertheless left the line-up that same summer.

For core members Bridwell, Hampton and Barrett, there has been a move from Seattle, to Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, a relocation that had been planned for some time so that they could all be closer to their families. Band Of Horses released its sophomore effort "Cease To Begin", in October 2007 reaching #1 on U.S. Top Independent Albums chart and the top 40 of The Billboard 200 list.


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Band Of Horses pictures:

  • Band Of Horses 2006 Band Of Horses 2006
    Group shot 2006

Everything All The Time (2006)

Everything All The Time
1. The First Song
2. Wicked Gil
3. Our Swords
4. The Funeral
5. Part One
6. The Great Salt Lake
7. Weed Party
8. I Go To The Barn Because I Like The
9. Monsters
10. St. Augustine

Cease To Begin (2007)

Cease To Begin
1. Is There A Ghost
2. Ode To LRC
3. No One's Gonna Love You
4. Detlef Schrempf
5. The General Specific
6. Lamb On The Lam (In The City)
7. Islands On The Coast
8. Marry Song
9. Cigarettes, Wedding Bands
10. Window Blues
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