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Band Of Skulls

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Band Of Skulls

Band Of Skulls photo 2013

Band Of Skulls Biography

The three members of the Alternative-Rock outfit Band Of Skulls, Russell Marsden on guitar + vocals, Emma Richardson on bass + vocals and Matthew Hayward on drums, first met at college, in Southampton, ENGLAND and quickly discovered that having two lead singers and three songwriters in a band was always going to present unlimited possibilities.
The trio, previously known as Fleeing New York, were working on new demo's in late November 2008 at Radiohead's Courtyard Studios in Oxfordshire when their paths crossed with an international collective based in London, Montreal and Los Angeles, in a very modern way, partners with the band.

From that point on, the progression of events from Southampton to global iTunes happened at lightning speed for Band Of Skulls. Soon followed more studio time, which formed the basis of their debut album, "Baby Darling Doll Face Honey". Their music came to the attention of iTunes staff and made such an impact they were selected for the coveted iTunes Single of the Week campaign in April 2009 with the debut single "I Know What I Am". That same month, the album was released in U.S. on Shangri-La Music label. Another single, "Death By Diamonds And Pearls", also garnered some success on 100 XR.

The trio released their sophomore studio album, "Sweet Sour", in February 2012; it peaked at #14 in U.K. and debuted at #138 on the American Billboard Top 200 list. The 10-song set included the Canadian Alternative top 20 hit "The Devil Takes Care Of His Own" and the title-track hit #28 on the U.S Hot Modern Rock Tracks.

Latest News:

Band Of Skulls has targeted March 31, 2014, for the release of "Himalayan". It includes the single "Asleep At The Wheel".


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    Band Of Skulls L>R> Matthew Hayward, Emma Richardson and Russell Marsden (2011)